About SafeBirth


Who we are 

SafeBirth is owned by Health Delivery System, Inc (HDSI), a healthcare solution services company that operates multispecialty clinics and serves industrial accounts nationwide. HDSI has consistently and successfully fulfilled the philosophy of delivering trusted quality healthcare services.

Our mission

SafeBirth was established in 2012 as a social enterprise to improve health outcomes, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ensuring safe births

SafeBirth is a lying-in clinic that provides safe, affordable professional maternal and child health services that are made more accessible to communities. SafeBirth is Philhealth accredited and complies the guidelines of DOH for proper maternal and child care.

Skilled birth attendants

SafeBirth is staffed with professional OB Gynecologists, Midwives, Pediatricians and nurses who attend to the needs of the mother and child patients. Pregnant women are given the option to be attended by a midwife, an ObGye or both.

Our Services

SafeBirth offers affordable and quality maternity and child health services, such as pre-natal check up, ultrasound tests, labor and delivery of normal pregnancies, post-partum care, pediatrician check-up, well-baby care, immunization and nutritional supplementation. SafeBirth also offers gynecologic consultations, pap smear and other women’s health services.

Fees and Packages

Safebirth offers affordable professional care based on the preferences of the patient,  whether to give birth through an OB Gyne or a Midwife.  Consultation fees ranges from P250 to P500, subject to deduction of PhilHealth benefits. Meanwhile, delivery packages ranges from Php7,000 to P15,000, net of PhilHealth benefits. PhilHealth indigent members are covered by the No-Balance-Billing policy.

Please visit our Facebook page for discounts and promotions. You may also visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions or send us a message over Facebook Messenger for specific queries.

Cases Accepted in SafeBirth

As a DOH-licensed lying-in facility, SafeBirth is only equipped to attend to normal spontaneous vaginal delivery. High risk and complicated cases, such as caesarian delivery, are referred to hospitals for higher level of care.

Patients are required to have at least four (4) prenatal visits in SafeBirth for proper monitoring of risks and danger signs and for timely hospital referral, should it becomes necessary. Patients and their families may rest assured that our midwives and ObGynes are capable of providing proper guidance and assistance during the referral process.


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