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Lorea patient

Name: Lorea Iriarte Elarre

Edad: 25 years old

Occupation:  Physical Therapist


Q:  What brings you to the Phlippines and how did you come to know about Safebirth?

A:   I already came to the Philippines 3 years ago and fell in love with the people.

I have travelled a lot and I haven’t seen a place where there are nicer people than in the Philippines. Filipinos are always laughing no matter what and they make you feel so comfortable and loved among them. They are very generous also.

I have already volunteered in another clinic in my last trip and the doctor there (Sister Rosa) talked to me about SafeBirth. When I visited SafeBirth for the first time, I loved the work that they were doing and asked if I could join.

Lorea 1

Q:  What is acupressure for the pregnant and how does it help mothers in giving birth?

Lorea 3A:   Acupressure is one technique from Chinese Medicine. Usually Chinese doctors make a special diagnosis by looking at the tongue and the pulse, and then ask a lot of questions to see what the cause of the problem is. Then treatment is done with acupuncture and herbal remedies most of the time.

When it comes to pregnancy and you have some problems, there are different points that have been discovered that can help in a different ways. That is why the points are very effective and everyone can learn how to use them.  Usually I teach people to do acupressure, that means the touching the points instead of acupuncture

Acupressure can help with the vomiting at the begining of pregnancy (morning sickness) and during the labour. Making mothers have effective contractions and to dilate faster so mothers would have an efficient and short delivery.

Q:  Why did you choose to specialize on this and help pregnant women?

A:     As a physical therapist, I had a lot of patients who were taking a lot of medicines everyday. I wanted to learn something that could help me to see the cause of the disease and not just the symptoms.

Lorea 2Later I got very interested in pregnancy because I think it is really a miracle. I observed that in Spain (almost in all Europe) there’s a lot of fertility problems and I wanted to help people to have children in a more natural way. In my country we don’t see giving birth as something natural anymore!  People are so afraid and we even have C-Sections just because we don`t want to have any pain. I think that with this, I can help people see child birth as something special.

It is incredible, but in the Philippines it has been more incredible than I could imagine. In Spain I teach the couples how to do it before they give bith but here, SafeBirth gave me the opportunity to help the moms while in labor and lived the process with them. I will always be very thankful to Safe Birth and the mothers that let me be with them in that precious moment.


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