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#ItoAngSafeMotherhoodStoryKo: Philippa Wheeley



Mother:  Philippa Wheeley

Nationality:  Australian

Edad: 33 yo

Bilang ng Anak:  Dalawa

Baby:  Levi Wheeley

Birthdate:  October 2, 2016




Q1:  What brings you the Philippines and how did you come to know about SafeBirth?

I came to the Philippines last February to do missionary work in Calapan, Mindoro.  I knew I was due around mid-October, as I have had my prenatal check-ups with the OB in the big hospital in Calapan.  My husband and I visited my friend in Quezon City early October. I was confident since she assured me that in case anything happens, she knew and trusted a very good midwife to take care of me.

True enough I was in labor a bit earlier than expected, and my friend called midwife Bernadette right away.  She rushed to my friend’s house to check on me and then we came to SafeBirth.

Bernadette was very attentive and supportive.  She is very skilled and she really knew what she was doing.  With her I felt very comfortable and very relaxed.


Midwife Bernadette Nolasco with baby Levi


Q2:  How does your birthing experience in the Philippines compare to your first child birth?

My experience with my first child was more difficult as I was in labor for 24 hours in the hospital in Australia.  I was supported by my husband and the doctors the whole time.  So now, it was important for me to still have him by my side for the second one.  I felt relieved and supported that I was allowed to have my husband beside me during labor.  I was worried as I was told in Mindoro, that he would not be allowed to be with me if I were to deliver in their hospital.   Fortunately giving birth was easier this time around.  Other than my husband, perhaps this is because Bernadette made me feel very comfortable.


Q3:  Overall, how was your birthing experience?

My husband and I were very impressed.  It was my first experience in a lying-in clinic and it was very clean and comfortable.  They even let me recover and we slept very well overnight.

I am very thankful for everything SafeBirth did.  I would definitely have Bernadette deliver my next baby again if I were in Quezon City.  I would definitely recommend SafeBirth to other mothers.


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